Dear Maa,

Dear Maa,

I love you.

There are many things that lie unexpressed and I want you to know ..

Thankyou is a very small words for the things which you do for me in my whole life and are still doing it selflessly.

When I think of my childhood the first person always comes to my mind is you. I know, raising me wasn’t easy. Sometimes I don’t understand how you handled everything.

To me, you are not only my mom, you are the strongest woman I know. Your unconditional love made me understand what love truly is. You gave me double the love that I ever needed.
It was more than making me feel loved; it was teaching me that even through the difficult situations, I am loved.

Why did you raise me with so much love, mother ? The world doesn’t look at me from your eyes.
But I’m happy you’ve taught me everything. You’ve prepared your daughter for every kind of situation. You’ve literally trained me for life. Whether it’s playing the part of a girl in society, at home like cooking and other stuff or it being standing with boys and doing the things with them equally.

You’reโ€‹ playing the role of Mom and Dad for many years. Where did you get this much strength from? And this makes me respect you so much more.

As I get older, I realise that I should take time to thankyou for the countless things you did in my life. I know, everything else may not be constant in my life, but you always will be.

It’s more than saying ‘Thankyou’ , it’s more than saying ‘I Love You’ because that’s still not enough.
So, here is to you mom, my selfless, compassionate, loving and inspiring Mom.

Love you with all my heart.
Your Daughter.




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