Dear Maa,

Dear Maa,

I love you. 

There are many things that lie unexpressed and I want you to know .. 

Thankyou is a very small words for the things which you do for me in my whole life and are still doing it selflessly. 

When I think of my childhood the first person always comes to my mind is you. I know, raising me wasn’t easy. Sometimes I don’t understand how you handled everything. 

To me, you are not only my mom, you are the strongest woman I know. Your unconditional love made me understand what love truly is. You gave me double the love that I ever needed. 
It was more than making me feel loved; it was teaching me that even through the difficult situations, I am loved.

Why did you raise me with so much love, mother ? The world doesn’t look at me from your eyes.
But I’m happy you’ve taught me everything. You’ve prepared your daughter for every kind of situation. You’ve literally trained me for life. Whether it’s playing the part of a girl in society, at home like cooking and other stuff or it being standing with boys and doing the things with them equally. 

You’re​ playing the role of Mom and Dad for many years. Where did you get this much strength from? And this makes me respect you so much more. 

As I get older, I realise that I should take time to thankyou for the countless things you did in my life. I know, everything else may not be constant in my life, but you always will be.

It’s more than saying ‘Thankyou’ , it’s more than saying ‘I Love You’ because that’s still not enough. 
So, here is to you mom, my selfless, compassionate, loving and inspiring Mom. 

Love you with all my heart. 
Yours Daughter.



When you read a book, it starts getting more and more interesting after every other page. And you can’t stop yourself from reaching the last page. You ignore everything around you. You don’t listen any voice and keep on reading that book for hours and hours. 

And then suddenly you have to leave that because you can’t go like this because “there are more other important chores”. Sadly, you close the book with the bookmark on that page where you left. And only thing that goes in your mind is- that incomplete story. This is love!

According to me love is that doesn’t let you go back to your life. Something that will take you away from your thoughts, your worries to a different third world where there is nothing except you, happiness and love. 


Dear lovers, 

Dear roadside romeo, I still remember the day when you held my hand tightly and said that you love me. I ran away from there. Why did you get committed with the other girl the very next week if you loved me? You were the one who made me believe that true love doesn’t exist. 

Dear class lover, I still remember the way you used to stare at me in the class. I always used to keep my gaze down. But our eyes used to meet for a fraction of seconds. Why did you not tell me about the love? I know, you’d have thought that you’d be jeopardising our friendship. But my dear, you’ll have to tell people about your feelings. This thing made me feel that you’re afraid of rejection. But that was wrong. If you love someone truly, just go there and tell them because no one knows what happens after that.

Dear first lover, I still remember the way you made me realise that all men aren’t the same. You were different. I still miss the way you used to talk to me. I sort of used to find solace in your words. You were the first person who made me believe that love exists. And sadly, you were also the first who broke me. I felt like I will never ever forget you. Why did you regret talking to me? When I stopped showing my love, you thought that I might have forgotten you. But my dear, love is never ever forgotten, even when you stop displaying it. And now, I don’t find solace while talking to you.

Dear liar, I still remember the way you used to talk to me. Do you remember that day when you told me about your dad? I felt really very bad for you. I really loved the way you were, without any filters. You never fulfilled the standards of being my partner. The only thing which attached me to you emotionally was that I thought you’d never ever lie to me. But again, I was wrong. 

Dear college lover, I still remember when I was broken and then I met you. You were the one who always knew that I was sad only by looking into my eyes. I still remember the way you used to send me your songs. But I was always confused whether you were dedicating those songs to me or just sending them to me because they were good. But yes, I really loved the way you used to be because you always made me smile and always understood me even when I didn’t tell you clearly about anything that I was feeling. 

Dear online friend, I still remember the way you used to talk to me. There was an effort in each text. And I really appreciate it. You never hurt me. The only thing I disliked about you is that you never talked to me in reality and spoke a lot virtually. But my dear, if you love someone you should have enough courage to tell that to that person. 

Dear silent observer, I still remember the day when you drunk-dialled my number and told me about your life. For the first time after that breakup, I felt like telling someone about my life, my pains, my emotions. I found my solace in you. You know, the best thing about us was that I didn’t want anything from you nor did I expect anything from you. I only wanted you to just be there for me as you always had been. 

Today, I’m here writing about all of you not because I’m missing you all, but because I was just thinking about myself and then I realised that if I would’ve not met you, I would never have been like this.

Thank you so much because the pain which you inflicted on me made me a beautiful and a strong woman who loves her scars as much as she loves her own self.


Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Don’t drop your standards for the guy you want as your partner. Just because you are feeling lonely that doesn’t mean you will date anyone.

Enjoy your life. Love yourself and your parents. Wait for him patiently. I’m sure, he must be waiting for a girl like you. You will definitely find him at last. And if in case failed to find him, then your parents, the one who leave their own wishes to make your dreams come true  will definitely fine that guy of your type for you. 

Till then, stay HAPPY! 

Happy Valentine’s Day. 😍



Life has taught her ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ That’s why she has decided to do everything logically. 

Even the way she dresses​ up, the color of the clothes she wears​, the hairdo, the makeup, the bag she carries, the footwears, etc. she had an explanation with logic for everything. 

But this time, she made a mistake. To find the peace of mind, she did something which has no justification. Something which broke her from inside. Something for which she’ll never ever forgive herself.  

Sometimes in our life we make a few mistakes, which have no explanation. The mistakes which give us sleepless nights. 


Success – You misunderstood it. 

Everyone in this world wants to become famous. But this world remembers those who have something special in them. 

A few  insane people run after those who own unique materialistic things like a unique car, a big house, a classy jacket etc. 

And the real ones run after the reality. The ones that have some special character, the ones which can’t be copied by anyone else. 

And when they ask someone: ‘How did you become successful?’ 

They think that if they’ll do the same they’ll also become successful. But they are unaware of the reality- 

There is something unique in every person. And that something is their strength. No one can take that from them. And that something makes them successful.

Stop asking others about their success, find that uniqueness in yourself and then see, no one can stop you from becoming successful. 


Reader’s question. 

“How do you write? How do these words come to your mind? 

Do you copy from somewhere? I mean, I can’t believe that you’ve written this yourself. 

Are you heartbroken? 

Blah Blah .. ”

And today I want to give you answer: 

“दिलों में तूफान मचा दो,

लबों पर बोल सजा दो,

हाथों में कलम थमा दो,

खयालों को पन्ने पर उतार दो, 

तुम्हारे दिल का तूफान तो कम हो जाएगा,

पर दुनिया को तुम्हारे शब्दों में अपना दर्द नज़र आएगा,

यह देखकर तुम्हारा दिल लिखता जाएगा,

और पढ़ने वाला पढ़ता जाएगा,

तब तक, जब तक तूफान थम नहीं जाएगा,

और दुनिया में तुम्हारा नाम ‘लेखक’ के नाम से जाना जाएगा।”



ज़िंदगी ने मुझे एक सीख सिखाई,

रिश्ते ही हैं इंसान की सबसे बड़ी कमाई।

पर शब्दों के खेल ने,

दिलों को अक्सर है चोट पहुचाई।

प्यार दिखते हुए भी,

अल्फाज़ों की गूंज है दिलों में समाई।

इंसान के जीतने की ज़िद में,

हर बार रिश्तों ने है सज़ा पाई।

‘बुरा वक्त दिखाया तो अच्छा भी दिखाया होगा’

यही सोच कर छोड़ दो यह लड़ाई।

क्योंकि वक्त का  कोई भरोसा नहीं,

कब कर दे उस इंसान से हमेशा के लिए जुदाई।

इसलिए वक्त की कद्र कर, मेरे भाई,

बटोर ले जीवन की सबसे बड़ी कमाई।



Ma shouted, “You’ll not celebrate Diwali this year. You’re not a child now that I’ll remind you things again and again.”
She: But Mom, I want to hang these lights here.
Mom: What do you think of yourself? Do you think, these things will change the reality?
She: That’s what I’m trying to explain. If we don’t hang these lights then also he’s not gonna come back. Then why don’t we also hang lights like everyone.
And those beautiful lights were shining like stars in their balcony as if someone is blessing them from the sky.

“There are a few things in our life, which can’t be changed, whether we weep or laugh, they’ll remain the same. Then why don’t we just ignore those moments and smile. Because a smiling face gives hope to others.”

Don’t let any incidence of past to spoil your present and future. 


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