Happy International Women's Day.



I was waiting for you At that broken bridge Of our friendship, love and passion In the hope That you'll come someday. And day by day That bridge started detereorating Due to the impact of reality overloading of emotions and flood of my tears And now when it's almost collpased You're trying to fix it... Continue Reading →

I wish I would’ve told her.

When I saw her today after many years I felt I wish I would've told her. When we were singing, laughing and drinking together I wish I would've told her. When the life was beautiful and there were no limits I wish I would've told her. I never knew that this time will take everything... Continue Reading →


When I saw him for the last time  in the fogged street  He looked at me  with those beautiful eyes  Which were saying  again and again 'I wish I would've told you  That I love you.'  And when I turned back  To tell him that I knew it. He got disappeared  In the fog. 

Essence of soul. 

I know a place where the sun showers happiness  and the flowers smile. You'll hold her hand  and walk with smile. Because beauty in the nature Reminds you of  the beauty inside her heart. 

Someting beautiful than LOVE.

I thought it was all about eating, drinking, traveling together and living life on the edge. But I was unaware  they'll become a part of my life. The ones that were always there whether I was happy or sad. I would've bet my life to live those moments again. I feel bad for those  who'll... Continue Reading →


वो बचपन के दिन कहाँ खो गये नौ से छे की भागदौड़ में हम कहीं खो से गये | वो मासूम चेहरों की हसी  कहीं खो सी गयी है, ज़िंदगी मानो अब बेजान सी हो गयी है | टॉफ़ियों की जगह अब  चाय-कॉफी ने ले ली है, दिन रात हम ने बस  बॉस की डाँट... Continue Reading →

Dear Brother, 

Dear Brother, I want to thank you for being the part of my life. Without you it would be impossible. I still remember that time when we used to fight a lot. Do you remember that day, when you kicked me and I fell, then you were like, “Stop crying. I’ll never do that again.... Continue Reading →

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