Niether waiting nor leaving I'm just standing on that bridge between our friendship and love. Sometimes we cross that threshold of our friendship and get lost in the heights of LOVE. And sometimes we behave as if we're strangers. It's so hard but we still give our best to find stability of our relationship on... Continue Reading →



ना खुद कुछ बोलती है ना हमें मन की बात कहने देती है ना हमारी सुनती है ना हमें मन दिल का हाल सुनाने देती है अक्सर भीड़ में खोई रहती है पर फिर भी तनहा खुद को पाती है रुलाती है हंसाती है जब जब चेहरे से मुख्खौटे हटाती है यह दिल्ली है मेरे... Continue Reading →

Empty glass.

They both were sitting in the cafe. Where they used to meet when they were together. He said, "Why did you left me?" She took a glass. And started filling it with water. She said, "Love is like pouring water in a glass. Initially you were thirsty and I filled the glass for you. You... Continue Reading →


Lost among well educated well concerned well learned people. The ones who think the way they're living is just perfect. Because they have every luxurious thing that is required for a COMFORTABLE LIFE.


We all wander all our life to find that special place and person where we think we'll feel peaceful but we are unaware that special person is we OURSELVES and that special place is right there inside our HEART.

Part of me.

I don't know what love is? But whenever it comes it takes a part of me with itself which I keep on finding for days and days after it leaves.


लोग चन पलों को याद करके पूरी जिंदगी बिताने की बात करते हैं और एक मैं हूं जो पल बीत जाने के बाद उसके बारे में सोचने से भी घबराती हूं कि कहीं यादों का पहाड़ ना बन जाए फिर ना तो मैं उस पर चढ़ कर आगे निकल पाउंगी और ना ही उतर कर... Continue Reading →

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