लोग चन पलों को याद करके पूरी जिंदगी बिताने की बात करते हैं और एक मैं हूं जो पल बीत जाने के बाद उसके बारे में सोचने से भी घबराती हूं कि कहीं यादों का पहाड़ ना बन जाए फिर ना तो मैं उस पर चढ़ कर आगे निकल पाउंगी और ना ही उतर कर... Continue Reading →



Sometimes in the middle of life you feel like you're the only person who needs to understand you and the rest of the universe doesn't matter maybe just maybe this is life.


When I saw it When i felt it My life was on the edge I became empty. Every emotion every memory just went away in a fraction of second. And at that very moment I realized this is life When I saw it from close I felt I'm going to lose it But it was... Continue Reading →


When I felt congested in the city with myself I went to the woods and the space there made me empty. My soul got washed away and the feeling I got there was just awesome. Something which can't be explained in words. Because I think words even fail to express what I felt there.  ... Continue Reading →

My Mother.

Whenever I leave from home my mother stands in the balcony and never says a word she looks at me while I get down the stairs. I feel something Like she's feeling like keeping a stone on her heart. The weight of that stone is so much that it doesn't let both of us look... Continue Reading →

Afraid of death?

Are you afraid of death? Do you call it adventure or risk? I think everyone should live his/her life without any fear. Death is just a part of our life. And it'll definitely come some day. But because of that you shouldn't stop living. When you live your life freely, you'll get to know about... Continue Reading →


I was waiting for you At that broken bridge Of our friendship, love and passion In the hope That you'll come someday. And day by day That bridge started detereorating Due to the impact of reality overloading of emotions and flood of my tears And now when it's almost collpased You're trying to fix it... Continue Reading →

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