A letter to Tyrion Lannister.

"I drink and I know things." . Dear Tyrion, Since the start I believed in you. I always knew, that you'll make it. The one whose battle was always with the world, which questioned his abilities. But he always turned the game by his intellect. Nothing is right or nothing is wrong when it's the... Continue Reading →



I'm unsure what people do seek in life that nothing makes them happy. . If it's about desires They keep on changing as per the situations. . But the truth is if you're working hard for making some dream come true then you'd have the same satisfaction the one you'd get when you'll achieve that.... Continue Reading →


Vo saari zindagi jise paane ki chah me Idhar udhar jaata hai tu Vo tujh me hi toh hai . . Bheed me chalte chalte yun achanak jo akela ho jaata hai tu Vo tera hi toh khayaal hai . . Kabhi kisi ummeed me Khud ko hasaata rulaata hai tu Teri hi soch ka... Continue Reading →


Samajh nahi aata ki kya jawaab du Jab koi puchta hai ki kaha se ho Thoda Palwal kuchh Rohtak aur zara si Dilli hai mujhme Aiina jab dekha toh Pehchaan hi nahi paayi Ki sirf chehra badla hai Ya mai poori badal gyi Kehte hain vaqt ke saath Insaan ko khud ko badal dena chahiye... Continue Reading →


Banti hai Bigati hai Kahani mere Ishq ki Dariya me kashti si guzarti hai Kabhi iss paar toh kabhi uss paar Jaane ki koshish karti hai Zindagi ki pehchaan hume nahi Magar Mohabbat mere yaar Beech majdhaar hi ufanti hai .


// When we were a kid No one ever dreamt of sitting behind a laptop in a small cubicle of that large building but now it seems that's how it is may be whatever you do wherever you go so the beauty is to make it happening lucky are those who get to do what... Continue Reading →

That tan skinned guy.

that tan skinned guy that idiot who would definitely laugh if listens to my name ever if you ever see him you would say he is a bad boy neither is he good looking if you ever get to talk to him you would say he doesn't know how to talk he is rude if... Continue Reading →


// if you look closely you're the destination and you are the way but sometimes i feel like staying at a single place neither the destination nor the way inspires me to move only staying seems peaceful. // ยฉ fromheartopaper

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